Days 3 and 4

Hi there..  I was having such a difficult time using this program and uploading photographs, usually late at night after a long day driving, that I decided to stop using this WordPress blog.

I tried a new app on my phone that seems really easy and I can post directly from my phone with photos taken with my phone !

Here is the link:

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Home today at 5:30.  4 days from Maine to New Mexico.  About 2500 miles, and I didn’t buy gas once.  My emissions for the whole trip were zero.



Day 2 • Erie, PA to Effingham, IL

I started early this morning..breakfast at Cracker Barrel (my first ever) nearby at about 6:15…  Eggs, turkey bacon, hashbrowns, grits, biscuits…it just kept coming.  Another cloudy day.  Warm and humid.

map-_1615I drove down along Lake Erie (and never saw it) to Cleveland (Macedonia) where I met a couple who had just bought a used P85D (Performance, all-wheel drive with Insane speed).  They have had the car for about a week.  They of course love it..


From Macedonia I drove to Columbus.  Easy leg, and when I got there I lowered the back of my seat and took a nap.


Next stop,  Indianapolis, Indiana.  This leg goes through some beautiful farm country, and on this day the huge clouds added drama to the scenery.  Unfortunately Ohio and Indiana both must have just gotten their money to repair highways, as there were too many construction zones with single lanes and concrete barriers.  Not my favorite driving..


but the scenery was often like this…

Almost as soon as I crossed the border into Indiana, I ran into delays.  Through the state I sat in traffic for about an hour and a half in three different accidents, road closures, etc.  The scenery was often beautiful, but creeping along at 4mph does not make me want to enjoy the scenery.


I am always amazed at how  much land, how many farms there are in this part of the country.  If only they weren’t all growing corn !  We don’t need more corn syrup !


In Indianapolis I saw my first model X charging, and another white S, an Eastern European family of 5.  I would see them again in Effingham.

terrahaute_1685This is Terra Haute, where after I took this I ran into a couple from Texas in a new blue Model S.   We drove together through delays, traffic and finally open road at 80mph to Effingham.   They have to be back in Texas by Saturday night for something, so they kept going after Effingham.  I had had enough for today so I checked out the hotels and the restaurants and made my choices.  I called a restaurant that looked good and asked about directions.  I knew I was somewhere close.  They told me how to get there but said that the place was full and I couldn’t get in for an hour, at 8.  I took that reservation and checked into the hotel.  The sky and the sunset were amazing, so I was content to charge a little longer as I watched.


The restaurant, Firefly Grill was amazing !  Bigger than I had anticipated (they seat over 200).  Great wine list, not a huge menu, but my Waygu ribeye with a few frites was delicious as were the fried green tomatoes.   Since there was a delay Cayla gave me a desert on the house, so I had a root beer float with handmade vanilla ice cream.  Too much to eat, but delicious !!   Who knew I could find that in Effingham, IL !








Biddeford Pool, ME to Erie, PA or “Where in the world is Richard Levy?” (came from LeeLee this morning)

OK, so I just ordered my iPhone7 at this absurd hour.  Even with getting up at this hour I don’t get it until the beginning of October !! So, I got up early, had a good breakfast and was ready to leave Biddeford Pool by around 7:15                 … Continue reading

Maine to New Mexico for the 4th time… here I go.

Hi there.  I’m packing the car tomorrow and heading West on Thursday.  I’ve gotten used to visiting Brenna in Buffalo but I think she is off skiing in Chile at the moment.  I may just have to find some wings on my own !  Stay tuned for stories from the road.  tesla-fog-small-07691

Day 4 • Syracuse to Biddeford Pool

I woke early but breakfast didn’t start until 6:30 so I waited and had some more of the “egg food” and a cup of coffee.  This place had salsa for the eggs, but the eggs were as cold as the salsa.  Not fine dining.  So I was on the road by 7am.


Since I was fully charged from last night I skipped one Supercharger and went on to Albany.  I was there by 9am   Hardly anyone at the shopping center at that hour.


By about 9:30 I had plenty of kilowatts in the car, so I headed to small roads and traffic of Vermont.  I decided to stay away from the Mass Pike since there is always traffic.  Driving the 2 lane roads of Vermont through small towns with one stoplight and lines of cars was a mistake.  I think it took me 2 hours to travel what was listed as 60 miles on my maps.


CoveredBridge.Vermont.04335The Superchargers in Brattleboro are in a pretty cheesy shopping center, next to an abandoned motel.  Not their usual location.


I spent about 20 minutes there and was eager to leave Vermont for my last charger in New Hampshire.  Luckily, soon after Brattleboro I got to drive faster than 25 mph on a real NH highway.  Another hour and a half and I was at Hooksett (Manchester), NH.  Truck stop, gas station, restaurant and ice cream coffee stand.  It was like a circus in the parking lot ! Fun to watch.  I met a young guy who had just bought “the cheapest used Tesla model S I could find anywhere.”  He loves his white Tesla.

So I charged at Hooksett and about and hour and half later I pulled into the farm stand in Biddeford for the best lettuce in the world for dinner.  IMG_0604Pat was there and was glad to see me.  I bought lettuce, a bag of spinach, strawberries, flowers and headed to Biddeford pool.  I made it by 4pm !  IMG_0606

so not even 4 full days.  Not quite sure how I did it.  I stopped at the store and bought some scallops for dinner to  go with the farm stand veggies.

IMG_0609The strategy of just charging enough to get to the next stop (with a 30% cushion so I can drive 3-5 miles over the speed limit) made a difference..  I didn’t spend quite as long at each Supercharger..  It is beautiful here in Southern Maine..   Dana and I emptied the car, and I washed it (seems like it took hours go get all of the bugs and the tar and the road off).



I had a Teslarossa (tequila with blood orange pellegrino) and made dinner..   Nice change from Steak and Shake…


Pat’s lettuce, spinach and flowers..   We had her strawberries over vanilla ice cream…  Goodnight from Biddeford Pool.

Day 3 • Indianapolis to Syracuse

I woke up to grey skies and light rain.  After another breakfast of eggs that are made from not just eggs..?, I left Indianapolis headed for Dayton. IMG_0553

Once again, pretty skies.  I forgot from last year that from about now on there is lots of construction. down to 2 narrow lanes and 55 mph speed limit.  miles and miles of those damn concrete lane barriers and orange cones..  Not fun driving with an 18 wheeler next to you.


A little bit of rain and then a few downpours.   Nice light.  and nice trees.  I didn’t spend too long in Dayton since the next charger wasn’t too far away. Columbus, OH.  IMG_0562

I met an Indian man in Columbus who asked about the car.  He had gone to a showroom in a mall and looked at the car, but we talked about it for quite a while and he said he was going to go home and watch the YouTube Video of how the car is made, and then put $1000 down on the model 3.   By the time I finished talking to him it was time to head North to Cleveland.



When I arrived there were already 2 cars there !  Both owners sitting in their car and neither got out.


Macedonia, OH (Cleveland) Superchargers.

Next is a brand new charger in Erie.  right off the highway at a hotel and CrackerBarrel.  I had never been to one of those..  Now I have and I never have to go back…  I knew that once I got to Buffalo I’d be eating dinner with Brenna(used to work at the gallery/now a Buffalo lawyer) and so I didn’t need to have any cushio
n.  I could arrive low and still have plenty of time for a full charge… shuffle off to Buffalo.

I got in around 5:30 and met Brenna at Brennans, right near the chargers for some wings, a steak and arugula salad and about 90 minutes of catching up.  Always fun to see her !  She looks good, sounds good, has just run a couple of marathons, is buying a house and having a baby !  Life is good !    We forgot to have someone else take a picture of the two of us together, so we did it.  Hers is better than mine..


IMG_0576FullSizeRender (3)





FullSizeRender (4)



















a boy and his car…

Off to Syracuse !  IMG_0579


















I was the only car there..  staying in a hotel right next to the charger.  Goodnight !

697 miles today !

See you on the road..


Day 2 • Wichita to Indianapolis

I started with a bad breakfast at the hotel a little after 7.

IMG_0477I thought about driving slower and going directly to Independence (near Kansas City), but when I got to the place where I had to decide, I played it safe and went to Topeka first.  I charged enough to get to Independence with a little cushion..  Pretty landscape with hills and lots of trees.First I drive through Kansas City, where I pass the Royals Stadium with a big sign that says 2015 World Champions.

IMG_0502 (1)

Independence is where there is a HUGE Bass Pro Shop.  IMG_0507


IMG_0515 (1)an odd and interesting place to hang out while my car charges.

IMG_0504 (1)I bought a shirt..


Next stop is Columbia, MO, between Kansas Cit and St. Louis.  This is a new supercharger and a much needed charging spot.  Last trip I stopped at a campground to add a few miles so I would make that leg.


On to St. Louis.  I ate a greek yogurt while I waited, and drank the last of one bottle of V-8 juice.   I’m living on hard boiled eggs, turkey sausage grilled in ABQ, V-8, sunflower seeds, almonds and water.    I charged enough to get to Effingham, IL (an unfortunate name).

IMG_0537 It was starting to get dark and stormy.  There was a light rain as I charged.  It felt good since it cooled everything off a little.. from the 90’s to the 80’s..   My plan was to get to Terra Haute and spend the night there, so I charged for that scenario with a good cushion.

I left for Terra Haute and ran into a Thunderstorm.  Rain was coming down so hard and fast that I could barely see and the wipers couldn’t keep up.

IMG_0529I got to Terra Haute and was following the navigation instructions.. What I didn’t know was that the construction (there is WAY too much construction on these roads) had closed my exit.  I passed the city and the next exit was 10 miles away, so navigation now showed 24 miles to the supercharger..  I had 80 miles in the car, and Indianapolis was the direction of the 10 miles I was going to have to drive so I asked navigation if I could make it.  I got a warning that I would have to drive under 65 to make it.  I didn’t really want to turn around so I decided to go for it.  I resigned myself to 65 mph and being passed by everyone.  Not exactly an ad for Tesla..  Half of that trip was construction, so we all had to slow to 55, so it worked well for me.  I rolled into Indianopolis with 13 miles left in the car.. It was 10pm or a little after..  I looked for a place to get something to eat.  Not much is open after 10.  I had to eat at a Steak and Shake.  I walked in and was seated next to a family that walked in with me.. I looked over after I sat down and saw that the Dad had a gun hanging from his belt.  Especially after Orlando and listening to NPR today all about gun control I was really upset that this guy had a gun in a family restaurant.  Why could he possibly need that in a restaurant ??   Here I am right in the middle of America…

IMG_0549 (1)I left the car charging in the parking lot of a La Quinta hotel, so I checked in and by the time I finish this it will be about 1:30..  time for bed.  I’ve got another long day tomorrow.

Today I drove  693 miles !!    Yikes.

I hope to see Brenna in Buffalo tomorrow..  at this rate it may be mid-afternoon.  I am at least a few hours ahead of last year when I met her and her Dad for wings..  Yum !

See you on the road in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.






Day 1. Albuquerque to Wichita, KS

Seems like a long time ago that I started from Albuquerque this morning. Dana and Ginger came out to see me off.

I drove off into the sunrise at around 6:30. I had planned to go straight to Tucumcari, but at 75 mph I was either going to have to slow down or make a quick stop in Santa Rosa at the first supercharger.  I made a quick stop and then hopped back on I40 to Tucumcari. I ran into an English/Indian guy from Houston with his two little girls in Santa Rosa.  They were headed to CA in a Tesla that drives itself.   He loves it !

Next stop Tucumcari.  All alone charging there.

I stayed just long enough to get me to Amarillo.  I was driving about 80 mph and after a while my car told me to slow down to 70 to make it to the next supercharger.  This new tact of only charging as much as needed to get to the next charger has its downsides.   I made it to Amarillo with under 20 miles left. I could have slowed down but that wasn’t part of the plan.   So again I charged just enough to get to Shamrock Texas with a little bit more cushion this time.  These wide open spaces are made for driving at 80.

I arrived in Shamrock to see a gang of Germans on Harleys with their leather and vests and their aging chicks on the back.   Last time there I met Australians driving old Chevys on Rt 66.  It’s a thing.

There was also another vintage car there being photographed in the old gas station, so I had to do it too.

I posed inside as a woman there took my picture in a booth at the cafe.  It’s on my camera so I’ll have to post it later.


I had almost enough charge to get to OKCity but again not quite enough cushion to keep traveling at a few miles over the speed limit.  I stopped in Weatherford, OK for a boost while I photographed the local birds with my camera.  I’ll add those photos later.



On to the outlet mall in Oklahoma City where I came out to see another white model S.  Two young women driving from Miami to Denver.

All day I have had beautiful weather and great clouds. This part of Oklahoma is very pretty.  A quick stop in Perry,OK , about an hour north of OKC and once again I ran into the two women.

Nice light on the cars.   Next stop Wichita where I am spending the night.   Pretty sunset and wind turbines in a beautiful landscape full of trees.

Arrived in Wichita at around 9pm and I am still charging at 9:20.  Filling up to get to a BBQ restaurant tonight and then have a full battery for tomorrow morning.

Here comes the other white Tesla. They too are spending the night here.

Charging in Wichita.

See you on the road tomorrow.

Supercharger in Abq.  

Since when I left last year the Albuquerque supercharger wasn’t open I decided to stop today and start my trip at the Albuquerque supercharger…just for a little boost.  

I’m posting this for the first time from my phone on the WordPress app.  Really easy ! And I can use a quick iPhone photo.   See you on the road Monday morning    


Reddy Kilowatt. 

Albuquerque to Biddeford Pool, Maine • June 13th is the start date

Follow this year’s trip from Albuquerque to Maine.  Once again I am looking forward to the beautiful landscape that is these United States, and the drive in the best car on the planet.  Stay tuned to this channel for pictures and descriptions.


Beautiful night for a game #isotopesbaseball #baseball after a really good #hayalpozanti talk at #tamarindinstitute she’s good ! What a combination ! #albuquerque #newmexico
With my Mom at PT. Was Sandy really in the same building ?? #losangeles #dodgers #sandykoufax #baseball
#frankiethedog #firehydrant #springflowers on our walk and now the #winds #spring in #albuquerque #newmexico
Picked up my Isotopes #albuquerqueisotopes season tickets today ! The field and the stadium both need work before opening day. #baseball #albuquerque #newmexico This is the view from our seats. Photos of a game to follow in April #isotopespark
This #hornedowl landed in the neighbors yard this evening. A mean looking bird turned his head all the way around to look at us #albuquerque #newmexico #owl
Frankie and a Daffidil. It must be #Spring. #Albuquerque #newmexico #frankiethedog
#artonpaper #pier36 #newyork #booth411 #richardlevygallery @levygallery Waiting for the artwork Court 5. period
#NYC from the #highline on our way to see the #tesla #teslamodel3 Cool clean pretty car Driving it is going to be more fun than Dana realizes. Can’t wait to get that e-mail!
Greetings from Albuquerque is no longer a secret. I’ve worked on it since June 2016 and this week I donated it to the Albuquerque Museum. #albuquerque #albuquerquemuseum This is a hand hooked rug, labor of love. I start with white wool. Felt it. Dye it. Cut it into strips and then hook it. Glad to be in the collection ! #hookedrug #rughooking #newmexico