Day 2: Charging in Oklahoma City

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I arrived here to the nicest people I’ve met so far at KOA camps.  They asked about the car, and directed me to a free space (oops, they just took that away and charged me $20), gave me a code for internet access, and showed me the best way to get to Tulsa from here (next stop).  AND I am able to post this myself for the first time !

I e-mailed this picture to Kate, and even before I got inside and online she had it up !  thanks Kate !!  I may use your services again on this trip.

Driving here this morning I passed miles of HUGE wind  turbines spinning slowly with their purposefully bent blades.  It looked like a dance in the high grass. Beautiful.  I think the wind always blows here.


Soon after that I passed an area where the tornado must have hit.  Unbelievable to see huge pieces of cars and buildings still sitting in the middle of a field where they landed, and trees that looked as if they had been thrown in a blender and then replanted at odd angles.

Billboard.C5881that used to be a billboard…  now mangled.

After some hours at the Oklahoma City park, I drove to Tulsa, and then about 20 miles past to Claremore, OK where there is a KOA right next to a casino !  The good news is their wi-fi is fast and they have a restaurant !!  so I can eat !

That has been a problem with being at KOA’s.  They have some balogna in a cold case, and a can of beans and some miracle whip..  Ugh..  Do people eat this stuff ??

A few hours charging here and off to Joplin, MO.  Another very late night..


One response to “Day 2: Charging in Oklahoma City

  1. Viviette

    Too bad it doesn’t run on wind!

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