Day 4

Oy.  I arrived at Casey, IN KOA at about 11pm.  The woman I made the reservation with really wanted me there by 10 so she could go to bed.  I told her that I couldn’t make it by then, but that she could leave a map and my space number at the door, as everyone else has.   Not exactly “Friendly people, Friendly Kamping”  Everything at KOA starts with a K.

The sky was electric with lightning and the road flashed with thousands of reflective disks and lines as construction reduced trafic to one lane.  Happy to be there, I plugged in, found my cabin, unloaded what I needed and went to bed.  I woke up this morning at 6:30, ready to start the day early.  I went to the car to find that the electricity went off an hour after I arrived, so I had only 53 miles in the battery.  that wasn’t going to get me anywhere.  I tried the breaker, and it wouldn’t hold, so I switched spots.  That one too soon overheated and the guy in charge switched breakers.  That got me charged enough to get out of there, away from the one syllable people to I hope a friendlier crew in Indianapolis.


Charging (and not charging) in Casey, IN

I don’t think I’m doing Tesla any favors when I am the car in the right lane, traveling with the older couple in the white van who drive at 55 to save gas.  I needed to get moving, but barely had enough miles to get to Indianapolis.  At that speed, I did make it with about 38 miles left..  not exactly showing off what a cool fast fun car this can be.

So, I sit at the KOA in Indianapolis (just East), hoping to charge enough to get to either the Ohio border or maybe even Dayton tonight.  There is a Tesla dealer in Columbus with a 70Amp plug I can use.  That would be a pleasure, and a nice change of scenery.

For now I will wander the cornfield behind, and the neighborhood nearby, hoping for something fun to do while I wait.

Image a friendlier charge in Indianapolis.

I left Indianapolis after a few hours charging in time to make it to Dayton, OH before they closed (that is unusual !).

What a KOA !  It’s like a family resort !  They had a waterfall with tumbled rocks that came down so kids could pretend they were panning for gold and discovered cool rocks, a miniature golf course,  a lake with fish and paddle boats, so the Dad’s were fishing on the shore while kids paddled around and scared the fish.  I had a cabin on the lake, and went to bed after watching Rachel Maddow celebrate the Supreme Court decision.  I am not completely separated from the world..


cornfield behind the KOA


corn panorama


miniature golf at the KOA


Charging in Dayton, OH

Charging in Dayton, OH

Home Sweet Home in Dayton

Home Sweet Home in Dayton

charging light

charging light


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  1. Krista Kersh

    Hang tough, Tesla Road Warrior….xo

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