Day 5

I stayed up late and watched my car continue to charge, until about 11;30 or so and I crashed, and so did the breaker.  I woke up to 171 miles on the car, far from the full charge.  I switched sites and plugged in again until I got to 200 miles, and then headed out to Columbus, Ohio.  There is a Tesla service center in Dublin, OH which is a suburb of Columbus that happens to be right on the way up to Erie, PA where I hope to spend the night.  I called ahead to make sure the service center could help me charge.  They are all very nice, and glad to help a Tesla traveler on the road.  A couple of days ago they charged a Tesla belonging to someone from Berkeley who was on their way to DC.  They too were having the same issue at RV parks, so the service center suggested they dial down the amperage to 36, and that would allow it to charge all night without heating up too much and blowing the breaker.  I’ll try that in Homerville, OH.  next stop.

While at the service center they gave me a red loaner car so I could go over to Whole Foods and buy some more kefir and car snacks (sometimes a meal).  I’m charging all the way up here, so it is taking some time, but will allow me to drive further today.  I’ll still get into Erie late, but I will have traveled more miles today..

Tesla Service Center in Dublin, OH.  Nice roadster !

Tesla Service Center in Dublin, OH. Nice roadster !


my loaner while my car is charging !!  a red one !


Tesla’s lined up

IMG_5775                                      My car charging out in back of the Dublin, OH Tesla service center.

All the guys at the Tesla Service center were great !   When I left they came out to see me off, and said it felt like family.  It was.  Thanks !



I left fully charged (more miles than EVER on the car) and they sent me to an architect in Akron who happens to be David Levy, who has a Tesla S and a roadster.  He was out of town but Tim, who is an architect who works for him set me up in the garage and so I got to charge without having to find another KOA.

Tim at David Levy architecture and Tesla charging.

Tim at David Levy architecture and Tesla charging.

What a pleasure.  I spend a couple of hours talking to Tim, and in no time I had plenty of miles to get me to Erie, PA (Which my google navigation called Erie Pa -as in ma and pa).  I arrived at the KOA in Erie at around 11pm.  not too bad.  It was wicked foggy.


fog in Erie, Pa

fog in Erie, Pa

I could hardly see the road..  I plugged in, dialed it down to 37 amps and went to sleep.  .  .


4 responses to “Day 5

  1. tom barrow

    Richard, enjoying your saga, hope there are no Donner party folks at the KOAs–in a year all will be different–just keep the amps dialed down.

  2. Barb

    I’ve been to Dublin a few times. Nice little town. Almost there! Only a couple more states….

  3. Jani

    Glad you found some friendly, helpful people. Enjoy the quick(er) charge. xoxo

  4. Krista Kersh

    We’re enjoying your saga while we are dialing our amps down and getting charged here in Telluride! Safe travels buddy xo.

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