4th of July Parade

Having made my way from New Mexico to Maine in an American made all electric car, and being a wildly enthusiastic Tesla fan, I decided to drive in the 4th of July parade.  I went to Reny’s in Saco and bought a bunch of flags and decorations.


I went to the market and bought some bags of miniature tootsie rolls and a couple of big bag of Starburst.To participate all I had to do was show up at 10 am for a 10:30 parade, with some candy to throw to the onlookers.  Now all I needed was a babe for the front seat, to throw candy and do a good parade wave.  Dana was not interested, and Kate said she really wanted to be with Evan as he saw the parade for the first time.

So, I got into line at 10 and added a couple more flags.  I mounted my “Zero Emissions” Tesla plate that came on the car below my New Mexico plate.Image

The cars pulled into place to start the parade when Kate Binzen ran up to the car and volunteered to be my Tesla babe.  She hopped in, I opened the roof and she stood up and took a bag full of candy.  We were ready.  Spectators were lined up on either side of the street, and cheered us as we all started.   As we passed the crowds, throwing candy, we heard over and over.  “Hey look, an electric car !”   “Cool car !”  ” What kind of car is that ??”    “It’s electric !”  “Nice looking car !!”   ” Yay Tesla !  Happy Birthday America !”.

As we drove, my speakers played “Living in America” by James Brown, and of course “Living in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen.  I would have played the Woodstock Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner, but it wouldn’t have sold as many people on Tesla.

Parade - 2 girls

Parade – 2 girls

Tesla in the parade with Kate Binzen

Tesla in the parade with Kate Binzen

Tesla in the 4th of July Parade in Biddeford Pool, Maine

Tesla in the 4th of July Parade in Biddeford Pool, Maine

cheering crowd !

cheering crowd !

Made in America 100% Electric !

Made in America
100% Electric !

some Americans

some Americans

another American

another American

bystanders.  Happy Birthday USA !

bystanders. Happy Birthday USA !

It was fun being in the parade.  We saw everyone we know who was in Biddeford Pool for the weekend.  As a result of being in the parade I have a list of people who want a ride.  One person is almost ready to order.  A ride and a drive will send him right to the website to order his.

After watching a movie in the Abenakee clubhouse last night, I went out to the car to wait for Dana.  A friend and his son passed the car and saw me there.  “It’s Reddy Kilowatt !”

I like that.




Thanks again to a Babe, and my Tesla Babe, Kate Binzen.



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