Day 1 from Biddeford Pool, Maine to . . .


Tesla in our driveway


Big Pond.  It’s hard to leave this place.


The only time I stopped at Sea Star this year…   to clean my windshield.


First stop, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park campground.  I’m headed to a Supercharger in Ct. next, so I don’t need to stay here long.


Charging in Jellystone Park.   They were so nice at the park.  I charged for about an hour, and they didn’t charge me.  Nice place to get out and stretch and walk around the lake, plus, there are Yogi and Boo Boo figures everywhere !

Thanks Yogi !


Smarter than the average bear !!


Knowing that I was headed to a Supercharger 88 miles away with 130 miles in the car, Dana said, “You can drive fast !”  I got to go up hills listening to Led Zeppelin at 75-80 mph !!  Not anything I would do on a cross country trip, but I’m headed to where I can charge 200 miles in 30 minutes !!

So I thought..  I plugged in the supercharger and it stopped charging immediately.  I tried a few times and then called the phone number on the charger.  Tesla is now working with engineering to figure out how to allow the Supercharger to charge my car.  I hope they can do it with software from their offices.  The nearest service center is 46 miles alway.  I have about 40 miles in the car….   so I am waiting in a rest stop for Tesla to call.  Not the Supercharger experience I had hoped for…    Stay tuned.

Well, I got a phone call from Tesla saying that they had spoken to engineering and I would have to go to the nearest service center for a repair.  They told me it was in White Plains and that I should drive there, but I didn’t have enough miles in the car to get there.  They sent me to a Nissan dealer right around the corner with a charger.  Just as I was entering the Nissan lot I got a phone call from the White Plains service center wanting me to drive down I-95 to Darien and try supercharging again at another location.  I’m up for that.  Just maybe that will work and I can be on my way.  I left with 43 miles showing.  When I arrived at the Darien rest area with the Superchargers with 16 miles left, I spotted another Tesla on a trailer being charged at the Superchargers.  I backed into a spot next to him and tried charging.  Again, no luck.  As I sat there wondering what I was going to do next, ready to call the service center, another Tesla from New York pulled in next to  me to charge.  There were 3 of us using superchargers.  or at least two of them.

I spotted a guy with a Tesla shirt on for some Tesla road race.  It end up that this guy raced a Model T, and the second guy with him was from Car and Driver and was doing a story on the race.   He saw my camera and asked me to take a shot of the 3 of us charging for his magazine.  Everyone there was thrilled to see 3 Teslas in the wild together.  So, that was fun, but I still had to get to the service station, and of course I would be getting there with very low miles left. Ugh.


Of course I didn’t have enough miles so I had to find the Darien Nissan dealer with a 30 Amp service.  When I got there I had 12 miles left.  I needed to charge enough to get to the White Plains shop at the rate of 1 miles every 4 minutes.  The service center was almost 30 miles away.  I watched the MLB app version of the Dodger/Cardinal game as I waited.


A little over an hour later, I left with 31 miles.  I got to the service center at about 6:30.  They were closing at 7 and didn’t have any outdoor charging available.  We determined that since there aren’t any more superchargers on my trip, there was no point in repairing the hardware that eventually will have to be fixed to accept the higher amperage of the supercharger.  I just needed to charge.  They sent me to a nearby mall that had a Tesla showroom and chargers downstairs.  I got there at 7pm, met someone from the showroom and plugged in.  I had 19 miles when I started, and I hoped to get to Allentown, PA 125 miles ahead.  I knew I was in for a late night, but I had no idea how late.  I left the car and went up to the Tesla showroom where everyone there looked at this blog and we talked about how I was the poster boy for Tesla travel.  I don’t think so !


I went into the mall to kill some time, wandered over to the PF Chang and had a beer and some dinner, and then stopped back at the Tesla showroom before they and the rest of the mall closed at 9:00.  I wandered around the mall for as long as the stores were open.  I did find a pair of shoes !  at around 9 I went downstairs to the car, put the seat back and took a nap.


I stayed there until I had enough of a charge to get me to Allentown KOA where I had a cabin and charging spot reserved.

I left the Westchester Mall in White Plains at 1:15 am with 161 miles showing.  At 3:45 am I arrived at the KOA in Allentown.  I had 17 miles.  The drive was pretty easy, as the cloudy sky glowed from the almost full moon behind the mist and at that hour only a few trucks were on the road.


I stumbled around at the KOA, found my spot to charge, grabbed the sleeping bag and found my cabin and crashed, hoping the charger here could deliver my 40 Amps.


I awoke at around 7:30 am to some miles in the car !  120 something and still charging !   Day 2 begins.


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