Day 2 • Allentown, PA to . . Washington, PA

I started a little late this morning.  I needed the time to put more miles into the car.  I left Allentown, PA at 10:13 am headed west to Newville, PA.  I arrived in a little over 2 hours after driving through the most beautiful landscape anywhere.  Trees were turning, the farms were beautiful, the colorful farmhouses  and the big barns dotted the landscape as did the occasional Amish buggy or cart.  Exquisite.PAscape.C4336

I arrived in Newville at 12:25 with 96 miles left.  I charged there on a metered service until 4:10.  I used 34 KW for which they charged me $10.


I left Newville at 4:12 pm with 205 miles showing in the car.  I was 67 degrees and raining.  still beautiful.

landscape.PA.C4350At 7:00 pm I arrived at the Madison/Pittsburgh KOA for a quick charge.   I was only going 45 more miles for the day but wanted a little cushion.   At 8:10 I left with 71 miles showing.   I arrived at my last stop for the day, Washington, PA at 10:05 after a stop at a Chinese restaurant for dinner and a short time watching the Red Sox game.


I plugged in and went to bed.  49 degrees.  When I arrived at my cabin there were 4 deer eating the grass right there.

Luckily, I woke up at about 1:30am and checked my Tesla App to see how charging was going.  Charging had stopped.  Uh oh.  Not this again.  I went to the car and couldn’t get that breaker back on, so I slipped into the empty slot next door and plugged in.  It worked.  I watched for about 30 minutes and decided to go back to bed.


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