Day 5 • Pacific, MO to Joplin, MO

It’s so nice to wake up early and see that the car is almost fully charged.  I took a shower and headed out by about 7:00.  I had planned a stop in Stanton, MO, but I was topped up and that was only 30 miles away.  Seemed silly so I just drove on to Springfield, MO KOA, almost 190 miles from Pacific.   I arrived at about 11;45 with only 48 miles in the car.  I’m here for a while.  My next stop is Joplin, MO, and since I am charging so early, I might be able to make it further, but there don’t seem to be any RV parks with cabins.  There is one KOA outside a casino.  I stopped there on the way.  I could get there late, and go inside with my computer, and eat a late dinner, and just hang out for a while.  Then I would have to sleep in my car for a few hours before a long day to Tulsa, Oklahoma City and west to Elk City I think.   You do get to know distances doing this !!

Charging in Springfield, MO

Charging in Springfield, MO

I arrived at Joplin at 5:15pm, the earliest check-in ever !  If only there was a cabin at the next KOA, I could go on.

I put my sleeping bag and laptop into the cabin on the lake.  At this lake there were ducks, including one with 13 brand new little fuzzy chicks.

photo 1-1

I decided to eat pretty early.  I asked the woman at the office where to go.  She said there were fast food places nearby, but the only place with a waitress was the truck stop across the road.  I walked over there and into the most amazing truck accessories store on the planet !!   There was an 18-wheeler inside, and another bright green and chrome cab at the entrance.  There was a whole wall of lights for the back of a truck, and they were all lit up !  Amazing place !

photo 4


photo 5


photo 3-1

So, i went into the “sit down” restaurant, past the smoking section to the non-smoking section, and sat down.  The menu was full of stuff that doesn’t grow anywhere near Joplin, MO, so I decided on the special, the chicken pot pie.  It came with a salad.  The waitress said I was free to use the soup and salad bar.  I asked if they had wine and the girl looked at me like i was crazy, “but we do have lemonade!”   I ate my meal and walked back past the combination drive-up liquor store and fireworks store.  Sounds like a good idea….

I had a TV in the Kabin, so I watched some old Modern Family episodes and a couple of Pawn Stars and went to bed.





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