Day 6 • Joplin, MO to Elk City, OK

I got up early, and decided to get a head start on this long day, so at 5:00am I left for Tulsa with 266 miles showing in the car.   What a great way to start.  I arrived at the Tulsa North KOA at a casino (which was closed at 6:30 am) with 177 miles in the car ( I had traveled 87 miles).  I plugged in, took a walk and then ran back to the car.. too cold and too windy, and it was starting to rain.  I put the seat back and took a short nap..  by 9:45am I had 266 miles in the car.

Charging at Tulsa North KOA as the sun rises.

Charging at Tulsa North KOA as the sun rises.

I glided off to El Reno at 9:45.  What a way to get a jump on the day.  This was my longest leg.  91 miles out of Oklahoma city I saw my first New Mexico plate !! and it wasn’t on a pickup !!  I’ve been passed by lots of big pickups with big engines that growl as they go by.   At 12:50pm I pulled into the El Reno KOA to charge.  The guy there couldn’t wait to see what I was driving.  He just couldn’t believe it ! “All electric ??  No gas ??”  “It’s pretty good looking too !”

Now I’m just waiting for enough miles to get me to Elk City early so I can leave early in the morning to make it to Albuquerque for dinner..and a squeeze..

It’s 7pm and I’m in my Kabin in Elk City with 118 miles in the car.

Charging in Elk City, OK

Charging in Elk City, OK

One last night in these places..  This is the luxury version.  It’s got a bathroom and a shower !!  If the car charges fast,  (28 MPH right now.  that’s good), I can leave early and be in Amarillo before they open, charging to get to Tucumcari, NEW MEXICO !!!


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