Elk City, OK to Albuquerque, NM • Home !

Since I had booked the “luxury suite” in Elk City, I had a bathroom and shower in my Kabin. AND a 10″ TV mounted above the door !

My Kabin in Elk City, OK

My Kabin in Elk City, OK

That allowed for an early morning wake-up shower so by 3:00 am I was on the road, headed to Amarillo.

I got to Amarillo KOA by 5:30 am.

Amarillo morning

Amarillo morning

I slept in the car until around 8 when the office opened, and checked in.

Amarillo Tesla Sunrise

Amarillo Tesla Sunrise

That allowed me to come inside and sit in a big lounge chair and be online and warm.   I’m charging now, going for a full charge so when I get to Tucumcari I can add enough little Reddy Kilowatts in a couple of hours to get me home..   AND if I’m here (Amarillo with wifi) in about 45 minutes, I can watch the Apple announcement live.  They kicked me out of the public room in Amarillo, so I decided to leave and watch the Apple announcements from NM.


I got to Tucumcari somewhere around 1pm (I gained an hour), and charged until 4:30.  I had 40 miles over the real distance to home.  I knew there would be lots of uphill at the start of that leg, but once I got to Edgewood at the top of the mountains, it would be all downhill into Albuquerque.  I was as close as 4 miles apart from what was shown in the car and what was my projected mileage based on my driving.  By the time I got home I had 31 miles left showing, and Dana and Ginger met me in the driveway with open arms.  We had a nice dinner with salad of course, and a glass of wine. So different from where I have been.

The car is in the garage, plugged in and filthy.  Tomorrow I will empty it and wash it.

It’s nice to be home.  Now I can sleep.


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