Day 1 • Albuquerque to Glenwood Springs the long way.

Leaving home at 6:45 am.


Wow, this is such a different experience from last year’s trip.  I’m driving this year instead of creeping along in the right lane.  The first stop was Farmington.  The Superchargers were easy to find.  On my monitor I get a map of the location with a list of nearby bathrooms, restaurants, hotels, stores.  What I quickly learned is that I don’t have very much time to kill while I’m charging.  I probably averaged about 40 minutes at each Supercharger today.  They are AWESOME !  They charge so fast.    Below is my first Supercharger..  See that sparkle on the car..  that’s from all the electricity pouring into it’s battery…


Soon after leaving Farmington is Shiprock.  What an huge amazing shape that dominates the landscape.



From Shiprock I turned North into Utah.  What a beautiful landscape.  No traffic out here, so driving is a pleasure.



Next Supercharger in the small town, Blanding, Utah.





A quick charge and off for Moab.


As you see, I am the only one at the Superchargers so far.



A quick charge, a bite to eat and off to I-70 and Colorado.  Again, really beautiful landscape.



UtahCliffs.C4580My First Colorado stop was Grand Junction.  A quick easy charge and I can make Glenwood Springs before dark.

Driving East on I-70 at 75-80mph gets you to your destination pretty quickly.

I know I drove more miles than I could have when there are Superchargers everywhere, but using them was so easy, it was worth driving the extra miles just for the ease and speed of charging.


609 miles today !   Yikes.                         Good Night.

Tomorrow starts with a little more Colorado, Wyoming and maybe some of South Dakota !





3 responses to “Day 1 • Albuquerque to Glenwood Springs the long way.

  1. Spectacular! I can’t wait to see more! Have fun today.

  2. John

    Wish I was with you on the road. Enjoy South Dakota. Are you going to Windcaves Ntl Park ? Or Mt Rushmore to see Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint??

  3. Fabulous rug, rugged beautiful terrain. Glad the supercharges are speeding the pace. Cheers for the next legs.

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