Day 3 • Rapid City, SD to Albert Lea, MN

Today was a pretty low key day.  Mostly flat landscape, mostly cloudy, with several construction zones where I had to slow to 55 or 45mph..  but mostly 73mph.





First Supercharger was in Murdo, SD where I drove up and found another (my first so far) Tesla charging !


The guy was from California and had been in Mass. a few days ago.  He was headed back to Sacramento.  He didn’t want to talk much, so I didn’t find out too much about where he had been (and where I am going).   It was fun to see another car !


Here is a nearby Motel in Murdo.


road construction in SD


IMG_2857Charging in Mitchell, SD.  Uneventful and fast.



Here is the dinosaur at Wall Drug.  I didn’t stop at Wall Drug..

IMG_2868Charging in Worthington, MN


Charging in Albert Lea, MN where I am spending the night.   There was a car wash nearby, so I drove in and the sprayers took off most of the bugs and dirt that has accumulated over 3 days..  Nice to have a mostly white car again.



Tomorrow Wisconsin and beyond !!   good night..





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