Day 4 • Albert Lea, MN to Angola, IN

Wow, another long day with grey clouds and drizzle most of the day..  Started in Minnesota,


then La Crosse, Wisconsin,




Wisconsin farm


to Madison, WI,




Aurora, IL,

Mishawaka, IN (really South Bend) IMG_2907to Angola, IN. (as it is getting dark).IMG_2915 That’s 5 Superchargers in one day.. and I even passed a couple that I didn’t need !  Hard to believe..  It’s nice to start with so many miles in the tank that I can go on to the second Supercharger on the route..



IMG_2910Not very exciting landscape.  I ran into some traffic around Chicago at 4:30.


More trucks than other days, and more traffic..

and more construction…




Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana today…  I start in Indiana tomorrow heading for Ohio…

See you on the road.

I just went out to the car and found another white Tesla charging..  A couple of guys who drove from Florida.  they left yesterday and are sharing driving..  that is the way to go..  one guy sleeps in back while the other drives..  Good luck guys.  Enjoy !  They are only going to Chicago, so they will make it late tonight..    Nice to see another car.



3 responses to “Day 4 • Albert Lea, MN to Angola, IN

  1. What are you listening to while driving? Do you have a good book? xoxo

  2. He is a good writer. BTW – I didn’t say anything as I just was able to look through the magazine you sent. The article is fabulous! It gives such wonderful insights into Richard Levy. I hope you’re happy with it. xoxo

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