Day 5 • Angola, IN to 120 Willow, Brooklyn Heights

This is the end of a VERY long day.  It’s 1am and I started yesterday morning at 5:45am.  I need to sleep now,  but I’ll post pictures tomorrow and tell some stories..  I met Michael from Colorado who was traveling to a Wedding in CT, so we ended up charging at 3 different Superchargers together, and even drove for a little while together (His dark car and my light car).  IMG_2928


That was fun !  After talking to John Levy in Brooklyn earlier today, he suggested that I could drive from where I was in Hagerstown, MD to a Supercharger near Trenton, NJ (210 miles) and then spend the night with him in Brooklyn.  It was a 3 hour drive to the Supercharger.  I arrived with 70something miles left in the car (having driven at 3 miles over the speed limit using cruise control for efficiency), so I charged in NJ with two other guys (a white car from NJ and a red car from MD) and then we all drove off together onto the NJ Turnpike.IMG_2943


IMG_2945 IMG_2941I went through the Holland tunnel and over the Brooklyn Bridge, arrived in Brooklyn Heights and found a parking spot a couple blocks from 120 Willow !!  Tomorrow morning, CT, RI Superchargers and then the home stretch to Biddeford Pool where John, Victoria and Abby are joining us for dinner after a visit to Brown.


This is all I have the energy for right now..   Good night !

See you on the road !



2 responses to “Day 5 • Angola, IN to 120 Willow, Brooklyn Heights

  1. Michael o'Brien

    Great meeting you
    I enjoy your blog
    Send me your email

    • Michael, Nice to meet you too. How was the Wedding ??
      my e-mail is:
      I’ll send you my Tesla album that is on SmugMug.

      I’ll add a couple more from this trip soon. I do have some pics of both of our cars charging that I can send if you’d like any.


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