Day 1 • Biddeford Pool to Trenton, NJ (or somewhere just South)

I didn’t get started until 12:30 pm, so left Biddeford Pool in time to get a jump on this trip (a day earlier than planned).  Almost as soon as I started Victoria (my Sister-in-law) called to tell me about John’s Birthday party.  I told her I was just getting on I-95 and heading South.  She asked where my first stop was, and I told her just South of Providence, RI.  She said they were leaving in an hour for Providence to drop off Ikea furniture at Brown for Nat, and then up to Boston.  So we decided to meet.  I drove down to my first Supercharger in East Greenwich, RI and charged for about 45 minutes.  IMG_4893I got a bite to eat (BAD pizza), and kept driving.  John knew my next stop was Milford, CT, and they had just left there, so John figured out that if we both got off at exit 90, Mystic, CT, we would arrive at about the same time..  As I got off the  ramp, John and Victoria were just pulling into the Mystic Diner.  Couldn’t have been more perfect..  So we got to talk for about 15 or 20 minutes, take a few picture, and they had to get to Brown and then dinner with buddies in Boston, and I needed to hit the road..



Thanks for setting this up Victoria !!



My next stop was Milford, CT.  I pulled in to find another Tesla charging there in one of the two spots.  He was from VA, and his plate was RCKT (His nickname is Rocket).  We talked for a few minutes and I told him where I was coming from.  He knew Biddeford Pool and asked if I knew some people he knew..  Of course I did..  Buzz Burridge, all of the Williams family.  He even knew about the Williams guests having a keg and a party in Buzz’s rental house that made it difficult for us to convince him that Kate and Evan’s friends were not going to trash the place.  It’s amazing what happens talking to other Tesla owners.  He too loves his car.  It’s only got 6,000 miles on it, so he hasn’t had it nearly as long as I have had mine, (I have about 21,000 miles on mine) but he is as sold as I am.  He says he can never go back.  He loves it, as does his very nice dog in the back seat.  He’s ready to order the model X for his wife.  We compared screens and software and looked at our front trunks to compare how packed they were, and how much room these cars have.  He took off to meet his wife, I left for my next Supercharger in lovely Trenton, NJ.



Driving through New Jersey was smelly and full of bright yellow lights.  Too many turns and  changes of roads, but I finally arrived at the Hamilton Township Supercharger.  Last time I was there I ran into 2 other Teslas.  This time I was all alone.  I charged enough to get me to my next charge and drove a little bit South until I saw a Hilton Garden Inn..

IMG_4910I checked in, wrote this and I’m going to bed.  Tomorrow I get out of this Eastern corridor mess and head West.  I still have a couple of stops South, but I am past the Boston, New Haven and New York City traffic..   See you in the morning.



One response to “Day 1 • Biddeford Pool to Trenton, NJ (or somewhere just South)

  1. ted

    we’ve missed you at darts here in the duke city and wish you a safe and fun trip. good luck and godspeed! -ted laredo

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