Day 3 • Strongsville, OH to Normal, IL

I woke up way too early to drive (left over from being on Istanbul time I guess), so I went back to sleep and didn’t get up until 8 so I had a slightly late start at 8:15.  First stop Maumee, OH, just south of Toledo, home of Private Max Klinger and the Mud Hens.  The was a huge Meijer store next to the chargers so I went and bought a few groceries.  Not much else in the area, and no one else charging.


Charging in Maumee, OH

Once I left Maumee for South Bend (the Mishawaka, IN charger) the landscape changed to wide open fields, farmhouses, fields of yellow flowers and fields of corn.




There were apple trees, and row after row of some low green crop.  I was going by too fast to identify it.


With Superchargers I am not delegated to the right lane going slowly.  I can show people what a Tesla will do.  So nice to cruise along in cruise control at 78 mph in a 70 zone.. Everyone seems to be going that speed, and the police parked on the side don’t seem to bother with anyone unless you are REALLY speeding, so I keep it reasonable.

I arrived at Mishawaka to all empty chargers and lots of people at the mall.  I wandered inside while I charged and went to the Apple store inside.  iPhone 6 craziness !  people in line, the store full of people holding them and trying them.   “Why would anyone want a phone this big ??”   but after looking at the features I think maybe they were reconsidering.



I had to decide whether to drive into Chicago and go to the art fair on Navy Pier or just skip it and go to the next charger outside of the city.   Being a little crazy to do all of this in the first place, I opted for driving into Chicago. I had called the Service Center and spoke to Candi who was very nice and assured me that I could use one of the two Superchargers they had behind their shop.  Even if those were full, there was a parking lot full of HPWC I could have used.  I figured I could plug in, go to the fair, and get back by the time my car had reached my max charge of about 266 miles.

I made my way into the city as it began to rain.


I just follow what the voice in Google maps tells me to do.  Sometimes she is a little slow and I have to either wait or make a decision.  In this case I made it into the shop earlier than I had anticipated.  I also gained an hour somewhere after I spoke to Candi, so I made it before the time she had estimated..  Nice.  IMG_5057


IMG_5059 I plugged in and then watched for a minute as a bunch of new cars were being delivered to them.  Cool to see a truck full of them.



I caught a taxi right out front and was just 3 miles or so from Navy Pier where we had shown at Art Chicago for many years.  I texted Max Fishko who’s Miami Project fair we do, and met him at the bar by the Expo to talk for a few minutes about this fair and his fairs, and then he gave me his pass to get into this fair.  Thanks Max.  He and a friend left for a ride on a pirate ship.  Max knows what is important.


I went upstairs and did a quick walk through of the fair.


I said hi to a few people.  Others I think didn’t recognize me in my shorts and dark driving glasses that I forgot to change.  The fair looked pretty good, with lots of work I didn’t know and a very different look than many other fairs too.  IMG_5061Some very high end stuff and nice booths.  It still had the long aisles of the old Art Chicago and I think maybe too many dealers.  Those rows of booths seem to go for miles with no relief.




Marc Foxx had an interesting booth with sheets of some refractive material covering his floor.




In one quick look I saw things I liked, but nothing the called to me, so I went back down the escalator and walked back to the front of the pier to catch a taxi back to Tesla.  My car was fully charged.  They offered me snack, water, soft drinks or coffee for the road.  Everyone was very nice.  Thanks.

Now I had to get back out of the city.  IMG_5075

It was easier than I imagined, and soon I was on a highway out, and before long I was in the country looking at fields and a huge sky full of clouds.  My favorite.


Another 2 hours driving and I’d be in Normal-Bloomington, IL, home of Illinois State University.


I got to where there were supposed to be Superchargers and I couldn’t find them.  I called Telsa and a very nice woman told me that they were on the 3rd floor of the parking structure next to the Amtrak station.  I talked to her about “charging partners” and the trouble I had with the Four Seasons in St. Louis.  They have HPWC and will only let hotel guests use them.  They were booked for tonight at $450 a night.



While I charged here I called the Raphael Hotel in Kansas City.  They too have a HPWC.  They were the opposite.  Pleasant, and glad to let me charge.  I told her I would eat at their restaurant while I charged.

When I went to pay for parking in the Normal structure, the machine said there would be no charge.  Thank you Normal, IL !   These guys have other chargers on other floors, and have a website for Electric vehicle charging.

Checked into a hotel with another 500 miles down..   See you tomorrow in Missouri.





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