Day 1 • Albuquerque to Oklahoma City

New Mexico – Texas – Oklahoma

Here I go again..  different this year.  I’m starting out going the right direction !  Imagine.  Left Albuquerque at 7:18 am with 259 miles in the tank.


I drove to Santa Rosa, NM.  Got there at 9am where I charged for only 30 minutes.  122 miles when I started and 216 when I pulled awayIMG_9986

Drove to Tucumcari where I needed to charge up to get 205 miles to Shamrock, Texas.  The new navigation software told me I was ready to go to get to Shamrock.  I let it charge for another 15 minutes or so for a little cushion.  Not enough..


Almost as soon as I started I got a notice on my monitor saying I had to slow down to make it to my next destination.  Soon after that it told me I was supposed to turn around and go back to Tucumcari to add more miles..  I slowed to about 65 using cruise control and just cruised..




I tried to reset the navigation software, but no luck.  ALL the way to Shamrock, even just 20 miles away, my screen kept telling me to turn around and go back to Tucumcari.  I knew I wouldn’t have much left when I got there, but as long as there was a Supercharger there and I knew the distance, I felt OK with driving on, knowing that I might have only 20 miles left when I got there..

Guess what.  I arrived in Shamrock and drove to the Superchargers behind an old restored gas station.  I had 18 miles left in the car.




I met a group of Aussies who had rented these classic cars and were driving on Route 66.  We compared notes about fuel consumption.  They are stopping WAY more often than any Tesla.   Nice gas station.

I charged more than I needed.  Up to 235 miles.  I left Shamrock at 4:15 headed to Oklahoma.


I drove just 100 miles to Weatherford, OK where I charged for about 20 minutes.  Just enough to get me to Oklahoma City with a little cushion.




Charging in Weatherford, OK

I saw that there was an old hotel in Oklahoma city that has been restored and just happened to have a Tesla charger in their garage, so I called ahead and made a reservation. SkirvinHilton.C2021

The Skirvrin Hilton,  Oklahoma City


Classic lobby at the Skirvin Hilton, Oklahoma City



Charging at the Hilton.

I took a few pics, had dinner and am ready to hit the hay.  If I go to bed early I figure I’ll get up early and get a jump on the second day.  There is a forecast for really heavy rains tonight, but they should be mostly over by the morning.  I’ll head North to Wichita, Topeka, Kansas City and then East to St. Louis.

More tomorrow from the road.


5 responses to “Day 1 • Albuquerque to Oklahoma City

  1. Viviette Hunt

    Sure beats the KOA days! Xox

    Viviette Sent from my iPad


  2. Viviette Hunt

    Can you add Kenji to your blog recipient list?

    Viviette Sent from my iPad


  3. Krista Kersh

    The Skirvrin Hotel was a bit better than a KOA, I hope. Fun Fact: my father was born in Shamrock and lived there until he was 18 years old! Keep on keepin on xo.

  4. You made it a long way your first day! Mom just keeps asking me, “he did that which day?” “He went all that way in one day?”

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