Day 3 • St. Louis to Cleveland

Missouri – Illinois – Indiana – Ohio


Started day 3 in St. Louis in a drizzle.  I soon crossed over the mighty Mississippi and into green fields, farm houses, trees and midwestern  beauty (what I could see through the wet windshield between windshield wiper blades).




This next photo sums up my day.  at least without the cones, orange signs and concrete barriers.





First stop, not too far away was Effingham, IL.  That gave me the extra miles I needed to get to Indianapolis.  Through most of Illinois and Indiana there were detours and road construction, so that meant slowing to 55 mph and driving in one lane.  Not the fastest way to travel or the most relaxing.. 


This next photo is from Indianapolis.  That sky was pretty much how the sky looked all day today until around 6 when it started to clear.  With these superchargers being close together I don’t have to spend as long charging, so off I went to Dayton.




Welcome to beautiful Ohio.


Charging in Dayton, OH while I talk to John on the phone..



off to a quick hit in Columbus to get me to Cleveland.


I realize all of these photos look the same.. but this one shows a little bit of blue sky at the end of a rainy day.

and then here is the setting sun nice light at the last charger of the day in Macedonia, OH (Cleveland).


While the car was charging I went to this place to have some dinner and a glass of wine or two while I watched the beginning of game 6 of the NBA finals with all of the Cleveland fans.


I checked into a nearby hotel and am ready to hit the hay.  I’m not sure I can make it all the way tomorrow unless I drive late into the night, but I will at least get pretty close..  The infamous Buffalo Supercharger is my first stop.  Not sure if I will see Brenna (who used to work at the gallery and who just got married 3 weeks ago and is a lawyer in Buffalo now).  I hope so..





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