Day 4 • Cleveland, OH to Albany, NY

Ohio – Pennsylvania – New York

I left Cleveland at around 7am so with construction delays I arrived in Buffalo at just before 11am.  This is the Supercharger that opened a few days ago as I left on my trip.


I arranged to meet Brenna for lunch.  Her new husband Jeff wanted to join us but couldn’t get out of work.  Maybe on the way back.  It was great to see Brenna and hear about her honeymoon and her new life in a different law firm.  She seems thrilled about everything in her life.  It’s nice to see..   and was great to see her.




Brenna had to go back to work and I left for Syracuse.  When I arrived a couple of hours later, the black car was there.  It belongs to a man from Ct. who loves his car and just driving around.. (don’t we all ?!).  The grey car belongs to a local doctor who spent some time in Crownpoint and has relatives in Albuquerque.

This is my record so far on this trip.  3 cars together.


I charged to almost full.  I could have gone to Utica which was about 50 miles away, but at the right speed (73) and over two hours away was Albany.  I went for it and had plenty of miles left when I arrived at an upscale Mall and plugged in next to a new (nice color !) Model S  85D (all wheel drive).  The driver, as he pulled out told me how much he loves his new Tesla and asked how long I’d had mine.  Another satisfied owner who was from Saratoga (where he needs all wheel drive !).

IMG_0190By the time I finished charging in Albany it was 8pm, so I decided to call it a day.  I’ve got another 4 hours or so to get to Biddeford Pool, but was too tired to tackle that tonight so I checked into nearby hotel and will arrive in Maine in the middle of the day tomorrow.  Four and a half days isn’t bad for this trip.  Much better than the first time, two years ago which took 7 days, or even last year which took 6 days and used all superchargers.  Good job putting in more chargers Tesla !!





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