Maine to New Mexico starting on Monday Sept. 7


White shell driveway, Pearl white Tesla S, and summer white Alyson.

Here I go again !  I’m about to start another trip.  This time I’m going through New Hampshire and Vermont so I can avoid the dreaded 495 and the Mass. pike traffic.  I understand the scenery is beautiful and it’s also a more direct route.  Not sure how far I can get the first day..  It would be really nice to get all the way to Buffalo and Brenna but there are only so many hours in the day.

Stay tuned for more posts and more Tesla adventures !

Today we drove down to Ipswich, MA to have lunch with Andy and Jan.  They have an electric car, so they have a charger in their garage.  I brought my adapter so I backed in and Andy plugged me in for a little 30 Amp charge.  Reduced to 22 amps it charged at about 10 miles an hour.  Nice way to get a boost.  Never charged in Andy Lindsay’s garage before !


We got to meet the newest member of the family, Rufus.  pretty cute.



2 responses to “Maine to New Mexico starting on Monday Sept. 7

  1. Viviette Hunt

    Yay!Sent from Yahoo Ma

  2. ted

    i know summer is officially over when you start heading back to new mexico. darts and tequila isn’t the same without you! have a safe and eventful trip. – ted

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