Day 2 • Buffalo, NY to Indianapolis, IN • NY, PA, OH, IN

I must compress the midwest in my mind because it’s bigger than it looks on the maps…or in my head.   I left Buffalo and my nice hotel (Aloft)



with more than 250 miles in the battery.  I drove for just about 3 hours at the moderate speed on about 65-67.

I arrived at Macedonia, OH with not much juice left..

IMG_1372Maybe 28 miles.  This is one of the 3 legs with superchargers being built between these cities, but not up and running yet.  I may luck into the opening of the Columbia, MO Supercharger between St. Louis and Kansas City.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow about that one.    Since I had some charging to do, I decided to eat an early lunch (11:20) at the Winking Lizard.  I had a chopped salad and iced coffee.  It seemed perfect  to get out of 93 degrees 100% humidity outside and have that for lunch.  By the time I finished the car was charged so off I went to Grove City, OH (Columbus).  There was a local car there for a little while while the owner talked on his phone.


About an hour and a half for this leg, so I didn’t have to wait too long for a charge.  I think less than 30 minutes…  This is where the landscape turns to farms and silos and big fields full of crops.   This is classic American farmland.  Some pretty farm houses and barns right next to the highway as if a road was unrolled from A to B through farms.

Next stop Dayton, Ohio.

IMG_1379Driving diagonally through Ohio makes you realize how big the state is.  I needed a good charge to get to Indianapolis with some miles in the battery so I stayed a little longer in Dayton.  I wandered in a huge air conditioned store (meijer) while the car was charging.

I love the way these big power line towers look like a big dress…



As I left Dayton the sky turned dark and I started to see drops on the windshield.  It never rained enough to use windshield wipers, just to leave the windshield spotted.   Ohio seems to be the only state so far with money to fix their roads.  The first real construction zones of the trip.  I would prefer to drive without those concrete barriers.    By the time I got to Indy and figured the time to charge, I decided to have dinner and find a hotel.  The next three  legs are longer, so I decided to save them for tomorrow.  I went to a Steakhouse/Sushi Bar for dinner and found a place to stay.


I do like these superchargers when they glow at night..




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  1. What are you listening to on this trip?

  2. Viviette Hunt

    I love th

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