Day 3 • Indianapolis, IN to Topeka, KS IN, IL, MO, KS

I came out to the car in Indy in a fine rain, so I took the opportunity to wash the car. IMG_1388

It was already wet, so I wiped off the dirt and bugs and started the day with a clean, wet car.  I started around 7:45 headed for Effingham, IL.  It rained the whole trip,


and again lots of construction,

so down to 2 lanes, 55 mph. and those damn concrete barriers.


I charged for a short time there and headed to St. Louis where I knew I had to charge to the max.IMG_1395



When I pulled in to St. Louis I was the only car there.




After lunch I came back to see a brand new red car pull in.  Billy and Coop were about to embark on their first road trip.  I told them about mine, and my experience getting from St. Louis to Kansas City.  They had a smaller battery, so they were going to have to stop in Columbia, MO for a boost.  As we were discussing that a Colorado White car pulled in.



They had just come from Kansas City with 20something miles left.  They said they drove at around 70 mph, but they started with 273 miles.  My max is about 263 miles, so I had to be careful not to go too fast..   I started the trip at around 63 mph.  As the trip meter showed I was going to arrive with 15% of my charge left I sped up to around 67.  After  a bit at that speed and still plenty of battery left I upped the speed to 73 using cruise control.    It’s an almost 3 hour leg.  I arrived with 36 miles in the battery.  I could have gone a little bit faster..

I was the only car at those chargers.  I spent the next hour or so at that huge Bass Pro shop.  that’s about all there is at that charger..



I left there with a choice of Topeka (west) or Wichita (southwest).



KC Royals drive by..  playing on the road tonight.


Wichita was another 3 hour leg.  I just wasn’t quite up to that at dinner time (I would have arrived at around 10pm), so I headed West on the Kansas turnpike to Topeka.  It’s beginning to feel like I have reached the western US.

The air is dry and the sky is bigger.  This feels like I am getting closer to home..


I plugged in and found a place for dinner.  While I ate a Missouri black car with a TESLA plate pulled in.  I didn’t meet the owner.


I checked in, watched a little bit of tennis, am writing this and hitting the pillow…

Tomorrow I head south through Kansas to Oklahoma.  


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