Day 4 • Topeka, KS to Amarillo, TX KS, OK, TX

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day..  I know it’s from Oklahoma, but it applies to Kansas.  The morning light shining on the sunflowers and the rolls of hay made this morning’s drive the best !



Not many cars on this road, and hardly a truck in sight.  I’m a sucker for all those big rolls of hay in a nice green field. One big sculpture.



I feel the same about some of those rows of trees off in the distance.



First stop was Wichita.


No one else around at those chargers,


and even the shopping centers were closed at that hour.


There was a designer nails store open so I figured I’d get a manicure, but I peeked inside..  dark and dirty and grim.  I decided against it..  Instead I walked to get an iced coffee.



More nice landscape and more big giant sky.   The Perry, OK Superchargers are by a gas station, truck stop, dingy Subway.


Not much to do there so I didn’t stay long.  Oklahoma City was just over an hour away and I’d never been to those Superchargers since they just opened recently.   I drove in to an outlet mall parking lot to find a black car charging.  As I pulled in and plugged in a woman in camouflaged fatigue got out of the car.  We talked for a while.  She’s just back from Iraq, has had the car for two and a half years, same as mine.  She loves her car, and drives 80 miles to the base from her house, so she has 50,000 miles on her car !  (I just reached 35,000).  It was a pleasure talking to Monique (Dr. Monique Hassan) while I charged.  OKC.Monique.02601She drove home, and I went to look in the Columbia store.  Not as good as the one by the superchargers in MD, but a nice way to spend a short time waiting for the car to charge, in air conditioned comfort.  It’s about 95 degrees out there..

At Oklahoma City I turned west, skipping one supercharger an hour away to get to Shamrock, TX.  I knew those chargers, and was hoping the restaurant in the 1930’s gas station/Chamber of commerce would be open.


No such luck.  I’m not sure it is ever open..


I wanted to have a full charge here just in case I had the energy to make it to Tucumcari.  It’s over 200 miles, so I wasn’t sure if I could make it before the sun went down.. or I got too tired to drive..   So I went to Vern’s for dinner while the car was charging.





Yes, the waitress called me “hon”.   The food was OK.  Not as good as the signs….

Off into the sun on I-40 headed to Amarillo.


Lots of huge wind turbines,


and lots of trucks…



I’m taking some of these photos with my phone (iPhone 6),  but others with a new Sony mirrorless camera that is growing on me.   It’s the new A7 RII with a 24-70mm Zeiss lens.  Smaller than my Canon 5D III with image files that are comparable !   for the photo geeks out there..

I checked into a Holiday Inn Express with a few Tesla wall chargers.  When I arrived, there was a nice silver Tesla from California already plugged in.  I pulled in next to that car and plugged in.






Next stop, New Mexico !



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