Day 5 • Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM The home stretch

I got up early (before the sun), had a hotel breakfast, a cup of coffee and headed to the car.  The other Tesla was already gone.  I got on I-40 going west with a huge sky of dark clouds i front of me, and the sun not quite up behind me.



The speed limit is 75 in Texas, so I flew to Tucumcari and the next Superchargers to find that same silver car from the hotel.  Glenn and Kathleen Miller from Carlsbad, California were there ahead of me.  We talked about (what else ?) our cars, while Glenn practically polished the front of the car.  No road bugs on that car !  It looks like it was just washed after every charge !!  He loaned me  a spray bottle of water and some paper towels so I could at least clean off my dirty windshield.


Thank you !  It’s a great idea to travel with cleaning products.  Glenn, as soon as I arrived in Albuquerque I unpacked the car and within a couple of hours it was washed and almost as clean as yours..


We talked about my first trip to Maine and how I used nothing but KOA Kampgrounds to charge.  I gave them a card of the rug I made to commemorate the trip.  I knew it would never be like that again.


They were charged before me so off they went to the next stop, Santa Rosa, NM.  Not too far away, but it’s nice to have a cushion especially when driving 80 mph up hills in wind.

When I arrived they were there charging.  They said that they once made a latch-hook rug with yarn, so we compared notes on rug hooking.   They drove off in their clean car to use the Superchargers in Albuquerque.  I still haven’t done that yet..  maybe next week sometime..  Nice to meet you Millers.  Have a good trip.


I left Santa Rosa with plenty of extra juice in the car, and was home 20 minutes before navigation said I would be..


Dana was on the front steps waiting and Ginger gave me a big lick hello.

Home !.02690

This trip was fun again.  I do like meeting Tesla people at the chargers and hearing stories.. Everyone seems to love their car.  Not everyone has the albums of photos that I do, and I don’t know of anyone who has made a rug, but maybe…


Here is a link to my photos of the car from 2015…



Shana Tova !    Happy New Year !


6 responses to “Day 5 • Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM The home stretch

  1. Viviette

    Welcome Home Richard! Happy to have you back.

  2. That first photo – sky and road – is gorgeous. Glad you had such a good trip. Shana tova.

  3. ted

    welcome back richard. glad you nade it back safe and sound. see you at darts!

    • Thanks Ted I would love to come to darts, but we have Book of Mormon tickets for tomorrow night, so I’ll see you in a couple of weeks when I don’t have conflicts ! Sorry to miss you guys !

  4. Hi Richard– My colleague will make a similar cross-country trip in a 2014 Tesla! I came across this site looking for what to do while at charging stations. Would you mind offering some advice for him on his journey. He starts next week. Any pointer will help as well.

    • Helen, Well, it all depends on where you are.. some chargers have absolutely nothing nearby, so I find a bathroom, replenish my water from the gallons I carry with me, stretch, take a walk. It all goes by very quickly and the car is charged. There are a couple chargers in parking lots of outlet malls. There I never have enough time to shop ! Occasionally I have lunch or dinner while I am charging. I always ask Siri what is the best restaurant nearby or look on urban spoon or Yelp for a good restaurant.. I used to try to update my blog, but there really isn’t enough time for that. 170 miles charge in 30 minutes usually gets you to the next supercharger. Stretching and a short walk is always a nice way to see where you are, and makes for a much healthier drive..
      I am a photographer so I always take my camera on my walk..
      Enjoy the trip ! Its a great car for the road !!

      feel free to contact me if you want to know anything about cross country travel. You can see on my blog, I started doing this almost 3 years ago.. when I charged at KOA Campgrounds… different time..

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