Day 1. Albuquerque to Wichita, KS

Seems like a long time ago that I started from Albuquerque this morning. Dana and Ginger came out to see me off.

I drove off into the sunrise at around 6:30. I had planned to go straight to Tucumcari, but at 75 mph I was either going to have to slow down or make a quick stop in Santa Rosa at the first supercharger.  I made a quick stop and then hopped back on I40 to Tucumcari. I ran into an English/Indian guy from Houston with his two little girls in Santa Rosa.  They were headed to CA in a Tesla that drives itself.   He loves it !

Next stop Tucumcari.  All alone charging there.

I stayed just long enough to get me to Amarillo.  I was driving about 80 mph and after a while my car told me to slow down to 70 to make it to the next supercharger.  This new tact of only charging as much as needed to get to the next charger has its downsides.   I made it to Amarillo with under 20 miles left. I could have slowed down but that wasn’t part of the plan.   So again I charged just enough to get to Shamrock Texas with a little bit more cushion this time.  These wide open spaces are made for driving at 80.

I arrived in Shamrock to see a gang of Germans on Harleys with their leather and vests and their aging chicks on the back.   Last time there I met Australians driving old Chevys on Rt 66.  It’s a thing.

There was also another vintage car there being photographed in the old gas station, so I had to do it too.

I posed inside as a woman there took my picture in a booth at the cafe.  It’s on my camera so I’ll have to post it later.


I had almost enough charge to get to OKCity but again not quite enough cushion to keep traveling at a few miles over the speed limit.  I stopped in Weatherford, OK for a boost while I photographed the local birds with my camera.  I’ll add those photos later.



On to the outlet mall in Oklahoma City where I came out to see another white model S.  Two young women driving from Miami to Denver.

All day I have had beautiful weather and great clouds. This part of Oklahoma is very pretty.  A quick stop in Perry,OK , about an hour north of OKC and once again I ran into the two women.

Nice light on the cars.   Next stop Wichita where I am spending the night.   Pretty sunset and wind turbines in a beautiful landscape full of trees.

Arrived in Wichita at around 9pm and I am still charging at 9:20.  Filling up to get to a BBQ restaurant tonight and then have a full battery for tomorrow morning.

Here comes the other white Tesla. They too are spending the night here.

Charging in Wichita.

See you on the road tomorrow.


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