Day 2 • Wichita to Indianapolis

I started with a bad breakfast at the hotel a little after 7.

IMG_0477I thought about driving slower and going directly to Independence (near Kansas City), but when I got to the place where I had to decide, I played it safe and went to Topeka first.  I charged enough to get to Independence with a little cushion..  Pretty landscape with hills and lots of trees.First I drive through Kansas City, where I pass the Royals Stadium with a big sign that says 2015 World Champions.

IMG_0502 (1)

Independence is where there is a HUGE Bass Pro Shop.  IMG_0507


IMG_0515 (1)an odd and interesting place to hang out while my car charges.

IMG_0504 (1)I bought a shirt..


Next stop is Columbia, MO, between Kansas Cit and St. Louis.  This is a new supercharger and a much needed charging spot.  Last trip I stopped at a campground to add a few miles so I would make that leg.


On to St. Louis.  I ate a greek yogurt while I waited, and drank the last of one bottle of V-8 juice.   I’m living on hard boiled eggs, turkey sausage grilled in ABQ, V-8, sunflower seeds, almonds and water.    I charged enough to get to Effingham, IL (an unfortunate name).

IMG_0537 It was starting to get dark and stormy.  There was a light rain as I charged.  It felt good since it cooled everything off a little.. from the 90’s to the 80’s..   My plan was to get to Terra Haute and spend the night there, so I charged for that scenario with a good cushion.

I left for Terra Haute and ran into a Thunderstorm.  Rain was coming down so hard and fast that I could barely see and the wipers couldn’t keep up.

IMG_0529I got to Terra Haute and was following the navigation instructions.. What I didn’t know was that the construction (there is WAY too much construction on these roads) had closed my exit.  I passed the city and the next exit was 10 miles away, so navigation now showed 24 miles to the supercharger..  I had 80 miles in the car, and Indianapolis was the direction of the 10 miles I was going to have to drive so I asked navigation if I could make it.  I got a warning that I would have to drive under 65 to make it.  I didn’t really want to turn around so I decided to go for it.  I resigned myself to 65 mph and being passed by everyone.  Not exactly an ad for Tesla..  Half of that trip was construction, so we all had to slow to 55, so it worked well for me.  I rolled into Indianopolis with 13 miles left in the car.. It was 10pm or a little after..  I looked for a place to get something to eat.  Not much is open after 10.  I had to eat at a Steak and Shake.  I walked in and was seated next to a family that walked in with me.. I looked over after I sat down and saw that the Dad had a gun hanging from his belt.  Especially after Orlando and listening to NPR today all about gun control I was really upset that this guy had a gun in a family restaurant.  Why could he possibly need that in a restaurant ??   Here I am right in the middle of America…

IMG_0549 (1)I left the car charging in the parking lot of a La Quinta hotel, so I checked in and by the time I finish this it will be about 1:30..  time for bed.  I’ve got another long day tomorrow.

Today I drove  693 miles !!    Yikes.

I hope to see Brenna in Buffalo tomorrow..  at this rate it may be mid-afternoon.  I am at least a few hours ahead of last year when I met her and her Dad for wings..  Yum !

See you on the road in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.







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