Day 3 • Indianapolis to Syracuse

I woke up to grey skies and light rain.  After another breakfast of eggs that are made from not just eggs..?, I left Indianapolis headed for Dayton. IMG_0553

Once again, pretty skies.  I forgot from last year that from about now on there is lots of construction. down to 2 narrow lanes and 55 mph speed limit.  miles and miles of those damn concrete lane barriers and orange cones..  Not fun driving with an 18 wheeler next to you.


A little bit of rain and then a few downpours.   Nice light.  and nice trees.  I didn’t spend too long in Dayton since the next charger wasn’t too far away. Columbus, OH.  IMG_0562

I met an Indian man in Columbus who asked about the car.  He had gone to a showroom in a mall and looked at the car, but we talked about it for quite a while and he said he was going to go home and watch the YouTube Video of how the car is made, and then put $1000 down on the model 3.   By the time I finished talking to him it was time to head North to Cleveland.



When I arrived there were already 2 cars there !  Both owners sitting in their car and neither got out.


Macedonia, OH (Cleveland) Superchargers.

Next is a brand new charger in Erie.  right off the highway at a hotel and CrackerBarrel.  I had never been to one of those..  Now I have and I never have to go back…  I knew that once I got to Buffalo I’d be eating dinner with Brenna(used to work at the gallery/now a Buffalo lawyer) and so I didn’t need to have any cushio
n.  I could arrive low and still have plenty of time for a full charge… shuffle off to Buffalo.

I got in around 5:30 and met Brenna at Brennans, right near the chargers for some wings, a steak and arugula salad and about 90 minutes of catching up.  Always fun to see her !  She looks good, sounds good, has just run a couple of marathons, is buying a house and having a baby !  Life is good !    We forgot to have someone else take a picture of the two of us together, so we did it.  Hers is better than mine..


IMG_0576FullSizeRender (3)





FullSizeRender (4)



















a boy and his car…

Off to Syracuse !  IMG_0579


















I was the only car there..  staying in a hotel right next to the charger.  Goodnight !

697 miles today !

See you on the road..



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