Day 4 • Syracuse to Biddeford Pool

I woke early but breakfast didn’t start until 6:30 so I waited and had some more of the “egg food” and a cup of coffee.  This place had salsa for the eggs, but the eggs were as cold as the salsa.  Not fine dining.  So I was on the road by 7am.


Since I was fully charged from last night I skipped one Supercharger and went on to Albany.  I was there by 9am   Hardly anyone at the shopping center at that hour.


By about 9:30 I had plenty of kilowatts in the car, so I headed to small roads and traffic of Vermont.  I decided to stay away from the Mass Pike since there is always traffic.  Driving the 2 lane roads of Vermont through small towns with one stoplight and lines of cars was a mistake.  I think it took me 2 hours to travel what was listed as 60 miles on my maps.


CoveredBridge.Vermont.04335The Superchargers in Brattleboro are in a pretty cheesy shopping center, next to an abandoned motel.  Not their usual location.


I spent about 20 minutes there and was eager to leave Vermont for my last charger in New Hampshire.  Luckily, soon after Brattleboro I got to drive faster than 25 mph on a real NH highway.  Another hour and a half and I was at Hooksett (Manchester), NH.  Truck stop, gas station, restaurant and ice cream coffee stand.  It was like a circus in the parking lot ! Fun to watch.  I met a young guy who had just bought “the cheapest used Tesla model S I could find anywhere.”  He loves his white Tesla.

So I charged at Hooksett and about and hour and half later I pulled into the farm stand in Biddeford for the best lettuce in the world for dinner.  IMG_0604Pat was there and was glad to see me.  I bought lettuce, a bag of spinach, strawberries, flowers and headed to Biddeford pool.  I made it by 4pm !  IMG_0606

so not even 4 full days.  Not quite sure how I did it.  I stopped at the store and bought some scallops for dinner to  go with the farm stand veggies.

IMG_0609The strategy of just charging enough to get to the next stop (with a 30% cushion so I can drive 3-5 miles over the speed limit) made a difference..  I didn’t spend quite as long at each Supercharger..  It is beautiful here in Southern Maine..   Dana and I emptied the car, and I washed it (seems like it took hours go get all of the bugs and the tar and the road off).



I had a Teslarossa (tequila with blood orange pellegrino) and made dinner..   Nice change from Steak and Shake…


Pat’s lettuce, spinach and flowers..   We had her strawberries over vanilla ice cream…  Goodnight from Biddeford Pool.


3 responses to “Day 4 • Syracuse to Biddeford Pool

  1. Krista Kersh

    You know how to live, Ricardo!!! Maine looks gorgeous. Enjoy your summer xoxo

  2. Suzanne Stone

    Did you see any Model X’s along the way? Did not notice any in pics.

    Mine returns home today- I missed it!

    From: Suzanne Stone [] Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016 3:27 PM To: ‘Tesla Road Trip #4 2016’ Subject: RE: [New post] Day 4 • Syracuse to Biddeford Pool

    Great to follow your travels!

    Have a fun summer in Biddeford!

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