Biddeford Pool, ME to Erie, PA or “Where in the world is Richard Levy?” (came from LeeLee this morning)

OK, so I just ordered my iPhone7 at this absurd hour.  Even with getting up at this hour I don’t get it until the beginning of October !!

So, I got up early, had a good breakfast and was ready to leave Biddeford Pool by around 7:15

















I immediately ran into school traffic on West Street.  After sitting there for too long, I drove over to Alfred to get out of the lines for school.   Finally on the Turnpike, I quickly made it to NH and then the dreaded I495.  The traffic wasn’t too bad and in good time I was in Worcester for my first charge at the Auburn Mall.


I arrived at around 9:45, plugged in and headed for the mall to kill a little bit of time.  I looked at dishes in Macy’s and by that time I was ready to keep moving.  Next stop, Albany.




I made pretty good time to Albany.  There were no other cars at the Superchargers.  It was lunch time, so I went to Whole Foods and got some salmon sushi – the prefect lunch ! and then went to the LL. Bean outlet store and bought a shirt.










When I got back to the car there was one other Tesla S there from Ontario.  Black Performance model.  Time to head out on Rt. 90 across New York State.  The Clouds were beautiful as I drove through green hills and a river to my right…




















After an hour or slightly more, the sky began to turn a darker grey and up ahead I saw what looked like storm clouds.  I was listening to the local NPR at the time and they talked about the downpour near where they were broadcasting in Syracuse.




As I got closer it started to rain and then very quickly it was raining buckets !  My windshield wipers were on the fastest speed and they couldn’t keep up.  I slowed to about 25mph and put on my flashers so that other cars could see me.  Luckily there was a car in front of me doing the same and just creeping along.  I have never seen that much rain falling from the sky !! I was about 5 miles from the chargers in Syracuse, and by the time I got to 3 miles away, the rain started to subside…  By the time I reached the chargers it had slowed to a drizzle..

I plugged in with 2 other cars and went into the nearby convention center where there was a bathroom and a meeting of the Fire Inspector Marshals of New York.




I availed myself of their coffee and took it outside where the temperature was 90 degrees and the humidity 90 percent..


While I was out there one of the fire marshals was peering into the cars, so I showed him mine and we talked about Teslas.  He was giddy like a little kid as he asked questions and I answered.  He shook my hand and with a big smile on his face went back to his meeting..  He was thrilled to be able to see 3 of them together and hear all about my drives..

I called my Mother from this spot, and by the time I finished talking to her I was all charged and ready to move on.  Shuffle off to Buffalo !   The drive was, thankfully, less difficult than the last leg, and by around 6pm I was at the chargers in Buffalo.  This is where I had met Brenna in trips past, and so I knew exactly where I was headed.. I plugged in and walked over to Brennans for some wings.  I missed seeing Brenna on this trip but she is off in Chile at the moment.




This may not look so appetizing from the photo but they couldn’t have been any better.  I ate all of my vegetables and was ready to try for one more leg.  Erie was only 100 miles away and the sun set at 7:40 in Erie so I went for it.  I knew I would be driving a little bit in the dark, but after those wings I was good for another hour and a half.




I got to Erie at around 8:45, plugged in and checked into the Marriott Courtyard right next door..erie_1601I replaced the ice in the cooler and headed off to bed.









I set my alarm to wake up at 3am to order the new iPhone 7.  I didn’t hear the alarm, but got up soon after 3 to order..  Craziness I know, but the camera in the new iPhone7 plus looks amazing.. and you know me and cameras… and Apple.

Soon after I ordered I got an e-mail from Trey asking what color I had ordered..  Only an Apple fan and geek would be e-mailing me at that hour and he knew I was up..  I ordered the silver (I still want a white face) even though the new shiny and matte blacks looked awfully sexy..  Not sure what color Trey got.  I think he went back to sleep.

I, on the other hand wrote this post for the second time..  Last night I got near the end and lost my connection, and everything I had written so I had to do all of this for the second time..  It’s now 5am..  almost time for a shower, shave and early breakfast as I head off into the midwest..  I may need to nap at one of the next Superchargers.














































erie_1601 erie_1602




2 responses to “Biddeford Pool, ME to Erie, PA or “Where in the world is Richard Levy?” (came from LeeLee this morning)

  1. Suzanne Stone

    Sweet dreams!

  2. stay strong and have a safe trip back to the desert. we look forward to your safe return! – ted

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