Day 2 • Erie, PA to Effingham, IL

I started early this morning..breakfast at Cracker Barrel (my first ever) nearby at about 6:15…  Eggs, turkey bacon, hashbrowns, grits, biscuits…it just kept coming.  Another cloudy day.  Warm and humid.

map-_1615I drove down along Lake Erie (and never saw it) to Cleveland (Macedonia) where I met a couple who had just bought a used P85D (Performance, all-wheel drive with Insane speed).  They have had the car for about a week.  They of course love it..


From Macedonia I drove to Columbus.  Easy leg, and when I got there I lowered the back of my seat and took a nap.


Next stop,  Indianapolis, Indiana.  This leg goes through some beautiful farm country, and on this day the huge clouds added drama to the scenery.  Unfortunately Ohio and Indiana both must have just gotten their money to repair highways, as there were too many construction zones with single lanes and concrete barriers.  Not my favorite driving..


but the scenery was often like this…

Almost as soon as I crossed the border into Indiana, I ran into delays.  Through the state I sat in traffic for about an hour and a half in three different accidents, road closures, etc.  The scenery was often beautiful, but creeping along at 4mph does not make me want to enjoy the scenery.


I am always amazed at how  much land, how many farms there are in this part of the country.  If only they weren’t all growing corn !  We don’t need more corn syrup !


In Indianapolis I saw my first model X charging, and another white S, an Eastern European family of 5.  I would see them again in Effingham.

terrahaute_1685This is Terra Haute, where after I took this I ran into a couple from Texas in a new blue Model S.   We drove together through delays, traffic and finally open road at 80mph to Effingham.   They have to be back in Texas by Saturday night for something, so they kept going after Effingham.  I had had enough for today so I checked out the hotels and the restaurants and made my choices.  I called a restaurant that looked good and asked about directions.  I knew I was somewhere close.  They told me how to get there but said that the place was full and I couldn’t get in for an hour, at 8.  I took that reservation and checked into the hotel.  The sky and the sunset were amazing, so I was content to charge a little longer as I watched.


The restaurant, Firefly Grill was amazing !  Bigger than I had anticipated (they seat over 200).  Great wine list, not a huge menu, but my Waygu ribeye with a few frites was delicious as were the fried green tomatoes.   Since there was a delay Cayla gave me a desert on the house, so I had a root beer float with handmade vanilla ice cream.  Too much to eat, but delicious !!   Who knew I could find that in Effingham, IL !









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