Biddeford Pool, ME to Erie, PA or “Where in the world is Richard Levy?” (came from LeeLee this morning)

OK, so I just ordered my iPhone7 at this absurd hour.  Even with getting up at this hour I don’t get it until the beginning of October !! So, I got up early, had a good breakfast and was ready to leave Biddeford Pool by around 7:15                 … Continue reading

Day 2 – Glenwood Springs, CO to Rapid City, SD

Another day of amazing views. Unfortunately I am staying in a cheesy hotel  in Rapid City without internet access in my room so I am typing this in the lobby just as filler until I can upload pictures.  I drove though a canyon in Colorado with spectacular high walls of rock and trees, and the raging White river to the side..


Then over the pass near Vail up to 10,600 feet where there was snow on the ground !!


IMG_2782Then down to Silverthorne, CO to charge.  Here is my Energy screen..  going up the pass, and then going down where I didn’t use up any energy because I kept it in the green (taking energy back into the battery as I drove down the hill)






and then near Denver I turned North, headed for Cheyenne, WY for my next Supercharger.  In Cheyenne the Superchargers were in a parking lot (as most are) where there was an RV show, so I met a couple of guys who were there for the RV’s but were more interested in my car and how it worked.  That seems to happen at almost every Supercharger.



Wyoming is so rolling and green !!  Not what I imagined.

















Then North to a very small town in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming called Lusk where there was a supercharger at the Covered Wagon Motel.  An unlikely combination..




About all there is of Lusk, WY !



From there, another couple hours up to Rapid City, South Dakota and another Supercharger in a mall parking lot.  Amazing clouds which you will see in the pictures..




and a delicious sushi restaurant that had the highest food rating of almost anything in Rapid City.  Great Japanese scallops, and wild Scottish salmon.  Two nights in a row.  Good travel food !

These Western states sure are BIG !   I takes lots of hours to get across these states..

I’ll post pictures when I find internet again..    Who knew…   Good night

Day 1 • Albuquerque to Glenwood Springs the long way.

Leaving home at 6:45 am. Wow, this is such a different experience from last year’s trip.  I’m driving this year instead of creeping along in the right lane.  The first stop was Farmington.  The Superchargers were easy to find.  On my monitor I get a map of the location with a list of nearby bathrooms, … Continue reading